Parents are able to teach their children only what they themselves believe to be true. Parents with low self esteem are usually concerned with what others think of them more than what they think of themselves. This is passed on to their children mainly by the fact that children unconsciously copy their parents, even if the parents do not overtly encourage them to.

It’s simple really – if a parent believes that he or she is stupid, they will pass this belief on to their children. If parents believe that they are less than others they will pass this on. Even if they are aware of these beliefs but do not work on themselves to change these beliefs, the children will adopt them. It’s impossible to hide, parenting calls for integrity and self improvement.

The energy generated by others is the biggest influencer of all. A parent can attempt to imbue a child with high self esteem by saying all the right things but if the child sees the parent behave in a way that shows his or her own low self esteem it is inevitable that the child will pick up on this and take on the burden himself.

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