Healing yourself

Ultimately, only we ourselves can heal ourselves. Some help along the way is good if we can accept the help without becoming dependent on the helper.

When I was suffering from anorexia and bulimia, I suffered from terrible loneliness and a desperation to be ‘close’ to another. In reality what I wanted was to hand over my power to somebody else as I didn’t know how to handle it myself. What I needed, though, was to learn to harness and use my power for the betterment of myself.

When we have lost touch with our souls we operate like a robot, merely acting to please others and this puts us under constant strain.

In order to heal ourselves and find the joy of being in harmony with ourselves the first step is to relax. The first stage of relaxation is to be aware of our breath, honour it and take charge of it. Without breath we are lifeless, and without quality of breath we have no quality of life.

In my book, the correct breathing technique is taught, and once this is mastered you will find that the next stages of healing come easily. The more estranged a person is from his soul, the more shallowly he breathes. This means that he is holding on to carbon dioxide, rather than releasing it and giving it to the trees, who need it for their survival. When we breathe correctly we fill our bodies with life and simultaneously give life to the trees which in turn give it back to us.

When we breathe shallowly we become miserable because we are not at one with our environment and we do not understand our part in nature.

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