Inspiration page

Here’s where I post any quotes, photos, etc that inspire us to move forward, believe more positive stuff about ourselves, and generally grow spiritually and emotionally.

Please let me know if you’d like to include anything on this page.

Fantastic article on the ego

As a Leo, I used to find myself struggling with issues of ego. I speak out freely, oftentimes straight from the heart without much thought to how people may perceive what I have to say. I received this wonderful message from Christopher Robbins and he allowed me to re-post it here for your consideration & inner working. Enjoy! Precisely because the ego, the soul, and the Self can all be present simultaneously, we can better understand the real meaning of “egoless ness,” a notion that has caused an inordinate amount of confusion. But egoless ness does not mean the absence of a functional self (that’s a psychotic, not a sage); it means that one is no longer exclusively identified with that self.

Click here to read the rest of the article


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