You CAN beat your ED!

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Kathy‘s  book is a guide to recovery for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. It is a step by step guide based on her recovery from anorexia and bulimia. Despite her ordeals at the hands of ‘professional’ who only made matters worse, Kathy showed tremendous will power by continuing to seek help until she finally found a therapist who could help her.

Despite struggling financially as a single parent with a baby, she returned to work in order to be able to afford the fees for private therapy, determined to rid herself of the hell of her eating disorder. Now she has turned that same determination towards helping others by teaching the wisdom that she gained on her journey to recovery. Kathy has written a comprehensive guide on the natural truths and tools that helped her to find herself. She has devised ingenious questionnaires that prompt the reader to question his/her thoughts and that show him/her how they can turn these around to positive, healing thoughts. And how in so doing they can heal their minds and move on to live healthy, happy lives.

Kathy shows others how she completely transformed her mindset from an unhealthy self abusive one to a positive and confident one.

So determined is she to help others that she offers free support via email to anybody working with her book. She has no doubts that by working with her book, anybody suffering from an eating disorder will gain enormous relief, and quickly.

Crucial to Kathy’s message is that eating disorders are not about food, they are about control. And that need for control emanates from low self esteem, a feeling of being unable to cope and being full of guilt about the past and fear of the future. These feelings emanate from childhood, but we are all responsible for healing ourselves, and that, without a doubt,  is what Kathy helps her readers to do.
Her book shows the reader how to transform his/her mindset into one that is fueled by a true love and understanding of the self. He or she then learns how to move away from the behaviours associated with the depression that is at the root of every eating disorder.

Kathy’s book is also useful to parents or guardians of children suffering from eating disorders. Her book allows carers to learn about the ‘eating disordered’ mindset. The majority of people focus on the behavior rather than the underlying thought processes of the eating disordered person. This generally fuels the condition and stimulates the fear of the sufferer. Kathy, as a recovered anorexic, does an excellent job of helping carers to  gain insight into the characteristic thoughts that are behind the disorder, enabling them to be better equipped to help their child to counteract these thoughts.

Kathy’s book is available for sale here: in kindle form (also downloadable to a pc or mac)


I’m finding your book very interesting Kathy. To be honest, initially I expected that I’d battle to comprehend it’s contents & only wanted to read it in an attempt to understand more about my friend’s situation & then pass the book onto her in the hope that it would assist her & ‘move’ her towards some healing process. Instead I have found your book captivating. I’m not yet done with it but I’m reading it very slowly & Kathy it’s not just relevant to people with eating disorders!!!It’s full of very useful information & relaxation techniques & I honestly recommend you to write a book of similar contents, aimed at a different market!!! I think you’re onto something there! I wish I’d completed it as I am only half way & feel my comments would be better once I’ve completed the book but it’s honestly good! (I’m also a little apprehensive in making any comments as I’m far from a book critic!)

The most important book I ever read was ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Michael Talbot. I see some connections in some of your writings to the essence of Michael Talbot’s book, which caught my attention! There is so much in your book, about spiritualism & energy that I can relate to. I really think your advice on many forms of relaxation & your discussions on the characteristic behaviour, is not just related to people with eating disorders. I for one have never had an eating disorder & am really enjoying your book! (But with a full time job, two kiddies, a house, animals, a big property & a partner who lives away from me – I can’t get as much reading time as I’d like in life!). But perhaps you planned for your book to be relevant to people with & without eating disorders?! Either way, Kathy it’s a very good & a useful book, even though I’m not completing any of the ‘exercises’, I find it a very good read & will not be passing it on! Congratulations on a very good book Kathy! If I am ever in the situation where I can pass your book on, I will buy another copy. (I’m a devil for keeping books & always buy more to pass on to others! I’ve every book shops dream & have a small library going!!!)

Friends come & go in life. I have always believed that people are so very important but it’s ok to let them go when that times comes. I read similar words in your book & was dumbfounded that I’m not mad in thinking this! I do believe we’re all intertwined, everything has a purpose & I always thought I only said this to myself to try make past (unpleasant) events make sense. It was good reading those words coming from another source, thank you Kathy! It’s a pleasure reading your book Kathy & remarkable how I stumbled across you! I will be in touch again.


Dear Kathy, I have started on your book and I love it. i am working on the meditation techniques.I went to the therapist yesterday. I liked her because I could be myself. We talked about many things and I shared about the steps I was taking.I showed her your book and i told her I was reading and studying it. She looked through it and liked it very much. She wants me to bring it back and discuss any pertinent issues.i am finding out that my eating disorder is not all my fault. In my research, the experts have found out that if you suffered anxiety as a child you were more likely to develop an eating disorder. The circumstances I had to deal with made it worse.i am practicing on my meditation. She told me what I was eating was fine ,but gradually add more. I go back to my doctor next week. Thank you for your support.

Kathy, I have just downloaded a copy of your book and want to thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with the world. I am suffering from binge disorder and am hopeful that by working with your book, I will be able to recover, although I know that is not the right word! I can see that you are right – life is a journey for everybody and we all have our mixed up thoughts to deal with to one extent or another and it’s about unraveling those thoughts and rewiring ourselves and that only we can do that. But your book actually explains how and that is a true blessing. I am working on the exercises and making notes so that I can go back and do them again in a few weeks time and keep track of my progress. I am becoming much more aware of negative thoughts and am working on replacing these with positive ones and being conscious of my breathing is helping too as it allows me to slow down and take notice of what is really going on in my mind. I feel brighter and more positive already and am planning on making changes to my life that will help me build my self esteem.I am certain that if I keep going with the book I will get there! I highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from an eating disorder, or even depression. Thank you Kathy

Jess xx


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