Self esteem

Sufferers of eating disorders are plagued by negative thoughts about themselves. These thoughts create actual physical neural pathways in the brain, and if we nurture these destructive thoughts, more and more are created.

These thoughts are caused by erroneous beliefs about ourselves. Nobody is bad. Nobody deserves to suffer. The natural state for us all to live in is one of joy and peace. Ideally, we  learn to create and keep this state in childhood but for most of us, this needs to be learned later in life.

The way to do so is to think positive positive positive thoughts about yourself. Never allow the demonic negative thoughts to take a hold in your mind. Eliminate them.

Not easy? No, it’s not. As with any habit, it is not easy to break the habit of negative thinking. But it is possible, and the more you try, the easier it gets.

I will be constantly updating this blog with new ways to help to gain a better perspective of yourself…to view yourself with love and care, and as you learn to do this, the eating disorder will begin to take a back seat, people will respond differently to you, and life will begin to get better. Please click here to learn more about self esteem and ways to build it.

Have faith in yourself and in life. It gives you whatever you need at the time.


3 Responses to Self esteem

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